Andrés Echeverry CEO ACSI

Disrupting the Language Industry

Immigrants represent over 14% of the US population—this is a challenge and an opportunity.

Unfortunately, most businesses and government entities struggle to communicate, connect, and establish trust with multilingual communities. That’s because they lack native speakers or a scalable model for language access in real time.

As an immigrant in the US, I know first hand how hard it is to acculturate and communicate in a new language.

In 2011, I started ACSI to make language access easier to integrate and scale. That’s why I created the Language Access Maturity Model® to disrupt the language industry.

Our holistic approach doesn’t stop at just translating or interpreting. We go beyond to properly assess and advise you on a strategy that is simple to implement.

Through language access, we’re building more equitable communities. Let’s make it the norm for all.

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Andres Echeverri
ACSI Translations