Project Details

DC City Govenment


The pandemic required the DC city government, our ongoing client, to communicate important public health information to its 700,000 residents quickly and accurately. The government shared information through daily press conferences as well as through written information on a COVID-19 website. It was also important to ensure communication happening in person at COVID-19 testing locations was done in a manner that was accurate and safe for all parties.

How ACSI Helped

We engaged the DC City Government regarding its daily coronavirus press conferences as well as its onsite communication efforts with on-call American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, remote interpretation, language access services, and technical support to communicate information. To help the city successfully transition to the new virtual scenario, we provided training sessions, virtual event rehearsals, step-by-step flyers in multiple languages and other resources. The city and community were able to continue working and have non-stop language access services thanks to the work of qualified remote interpreters

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